Toyota Introduces Toyota Warranty Advantage

Toyota Warranty Advantage

Toyota Australia has today announced the introduction of the Toyota Warranty Advantage – a standard five year^ manufacturer warranty for all new Toyota vehicles sold from January 1, 2019.

In a move designed to drive greater value, confidence and loyalty for Toyota owners, The Toyota Warranty Advantage includes unlimited kilometres for private buyers and 160,000km for vehicles used for commercial purposes.

The new five-year protection and other benefits apply to all models across the range, from the nimble Yaris to the mighty LandCruiser 200 Series, including petrol, diesel and hybrid drivetrains.

Owners of new vehicles are entitled to a full refund for any failure that prevents the vehicle being driveable within 60 days of collecting their new vehicles.

This 60-day money-back guarantee also applies where there have been multiple unsuccessful attempts to repair a vehicle.

Toyota and its dealers will cover the cost of towing and a loan vehicle if an owner’s vehicle requires a warranty repair and is undriveable.

Further coverage is available beyond the five-year period for vehicles that undergo scheduled log-book servicing, including up to seven years for the engine and transmission.

The warranty for hybrid batteries can be extended to 10 years/unlimited kilometres with an annual hybrid health inspection carried out as part of normal 12-monthly servicing from the fifth year.

Coverage can apply beyond the Toyota Warranty Advantage period where the dealer or Toyota determines a component has failed due to a manufacturing defect.

Toyota genuine parts and accessories also benefit from the new warranty with coverage up to five years, linked to the vehicle’s warranty coverage.

Toyota Australia’s vice president sales and marketing Sean Hanley said the new Toyota Warranty Advantage was the next step in their consumer-focused changes.

“Toyota Warranty Advantage demonstrates the willingness of Toyota and our dealers to provide excellent customer care that matches the enviable reputation of our vehicles for quality, durability and reliability,” Mr Hanley said.

“Our guests have told us that being able to remain on the road, with minimal disruption and inconvenience was most important to them.

“Which is why we’ve taken the time to develop the Toyota Warranty Advantage, to ensure that we deliver what our guests are looking for – a consumer-focused warranty program that will ensure that Toyota owners feel confident and appreciated throughout an exceptional ownership experience.”

All new Toyota vehicles are also covered by Toyota Service Advantage – capped price servicing at remarkably low prices.

A new Toyota HiLux costs just $180 (petrol) or $240 (diesel) for each of the first six scheduled services over three years or 60,000km (whichever occurs first).

A new Toyota Corolla hybrid costs just $175 for each of the first five annual scheduled services over five years or 75,000km (whichever occurs first).

The Toyota Warranty Advantage does not limit and may not necessarily exceed the rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Vehicle Component Toyota Warranty Advantage*1 Extended coverage if vehicle is properly serviced and maintained as per vehicle Warranty and Service Book*
Vehicle (bumper to bumper) 5 years/unlimited kilometres Review with Dealer2
Engine / hybrid system (excluding hybrid battery) 5 years/unlimited kilometres +2 years/unlimited kilometres
Hybrid battery 5 years/unlimited kilometres + up to 5 years/unlimited km, subject to annual Hybrid Health Check
Perforation (rust through panel) 7 years/unlimited kilometres Review with Dealer2
Utility deck panels: paint/ surface rust 1 year/20,000km No Additional Coverage
Auxiliary battery 2 years/unlimited km No Additional Coverage
Genuine parts and accessories Up to 5 years3/ unlimited kilometres Review with dealer2
Tyres Not covered by the Toyota Warranty but they are warranted by the tyre manufacturer. See your dealer for details.
Towing and loan vehicle4 5 years/unlimited kilometres +2 years/unlimited kilometres
Maintenance items (normal wear & tear) No coverage where replacement is part of the general maintenance reasonably expected to be required for your vehicle.


* Coverage on commercial usage vehicles is a maximum of 5yrs/160,000 km (whichever occurs first).
^ For full details of terms and conditions, visit Toyota Warranty Advantage
1 Your Toyota Warranty Advantage period begins on the day your new vehicle is registered by your Toyota Dealer and you take delivery of the vehicle. If you purchase an ex-demonstrator vehicle, the Toyota Warranty Advantage period began when the vehicle was registered by your Toyota Dealer and put into service as a demonstrator vehicle, and you are entitled to the balance of the Toyota Warranty Advantage period (except in Western Australia), In Western Australia, the warranty period begins from the purchase date of the vehicle but kilometres are counted from when the vehicle is put into service as a demonstrator vehicle). Your 60-day money back guarantee begins on delivery of the vehicle, including if your vehicle is an ex-demonstrator.
2 Your Toyota Dealer will review any claims made outside of the applicable Toyota Warranty Advantage period in conjunction with Toyota Australia. A determination will be made based on whether the component has failed because of a manufacturing defect and a response in writing will be supplied to your Dealer with the outcome.
3 All Toyota genuine parts/accessories purchased and fitted to a Toyota vehicle by a Toyota Dealer are warranted for the remainder of the Toyota Warranty Advantage period for passenger vehicles (5 years/unlimited kms or for 2 years from installation, whichever is greater) and for commercial vehicles (limited to 3 years/160,000 kms or for 2 years from installation, whichever is greater). Toyota genuine parts/accessories purchased from an authorised Toyota Dealer over the counter and not fitted by an authorised Toyota Dealer, carry a Toyota Warranty Advantage period of 2 years. Contact your Toyota Dealer for further parts warranty information.
4 If your vehicle has broken down or become unsafe to drive due to a failure that is covered by the Toyota Warranty Advantage, during the applicable Toyota Warranty Advantage warranty period, towing of your Toyota to the nearest Toyota Authorised Service Centre and a loan car is covered by the Toyota Warranty Advantage. If after investigation, Toyota reasonably considers the failure is not covered by the Toyota Warranty Advantage, Toyota or your Toyota Dealer may seek reimbursement of these towing and loan vehicle charges.